MIAMI, FL 33136
05-09 2023

Harris Rosenblum, Moon, 2023. 36 x 36 x 4 inches.

NADA Miami
December 5–9, 2023

Ice Palace Studios
1400 North Miami Avenue
Miami, FL 33136

VIP Preview (by Invitation)
Tuesday, December 5, 10am–4pm

VIP Hour (by Invitation)
Wednesday, December 6, 10–11am

Open to the Public
Tuesday, December 5, 4–7pm
Wednesday, December 6, 11am–7pm
Thursday, December 7, 11am–7pm
Friday, December 8, 11am–7pm
Saturday, December 9, 11am–6pm
Harris Rosenblum is a sculptor based in Belmont, MA. He received his MFA from Kent State University. He currently works at the Graduate School of Design as a Digital Fabrication Technical Specialist and is a member of internet art collective Do Not Research. Recent exhibitions include Inorganic Demons, SARA’S, New York; rhi-zhome, curated by Adrienne Greenblatt, No Gallery, New York; and Relics of the Corrupted Blood, Blade Study, New York.

Rosenblum’s sculptural practice is propelled by research into online craft tutorials, fringe ideologies and machine comprehension, culminating in an artform of worldbuilding. Here, along with drop-shipped wall tapestries (a coy and critical twist on the “sacred domestic”) the sculptures Lesser Demon and Papal Orc are presented as prototypic members of Rosenblum’s forthcoming universe. The figures stand alongside the overwrought and over-lording Moon, and four mechanically inscribed icons, Veil I, II, III and IV. Based on Renaissance engraver Claude Mellan’s The Sudarium of Saint Veronica, 1649, an etching of an apparitional image famously milled in one continuous spiral line, Rosenblum’s Veil I-IV are CNC scribed 6061aluminum alloy made from images of Christ generated through Stable Diffusion—a provocative reflection on modern spirituality, relics, and the persistent fetish of handcraft. Together, these works combine emergent and traditional technologies to comment with humor and poignancy on the shifts occurring in our micro and macro-culture, both online and off.

“From 4chan to Hatsune Miku composers to political ideologies, you get this accidental reproduction of spirit that winds up breaking out and fundamentally changing the structure of the rest of the way reality understands itself,” Rosenblum says. “It’s not a spell or anything anyone can do on purpose, it’s just the innate structure of reality that it tries to heal and clarify itself and often that happens in ways that feel miraculous.” - Harris Rosenblum